On this site you'll find an overview of drawings (and other stuff) I made since 1988.
When I was young there were a lot of things that I found interesting. I often went to the library to get books about architecture, art, cars, ships, airplanes, etc.
The books gave me inspiration and information to make drawings. The drawings I made are the result of the things that fascinated me at that moment. The subjects were very diverse, so the combinations of some things might look strange (like churches and airplanes).
The first architectural drawings were simple (mostly façades), but later they became more complex (perspectives, isometries). Sometimes I drew our house next to the buildings to give some sense of scale.
Very special are the Leonardoburg-series, which shows 22 designs in diverse scales and styles (number 21 doesn’t exist). I re-did some drawings and they show how my drawing-style changed during the years. My visits to cities like Vienna, London, Paris, Brussels and Berlin also gave me a lot of inspiration.
In the early years I made drawings of cars. I love the beautiful luxurious oldtimers of the thirties, like the Bugatti, Duesenberg, Hispona-Suiza and Cadillac. Later I started drawing portraits and the human body and I added some colour to my work.


Enjoy browsing my collection.